Simple satisfaction of untangling: Tangle Master 3D

Simple satisfaction of untangling: Tangle Master 3D

There is a sense of great achievement and satisfaction when you untangle a rope. We saw the potential back when we introduced Go Knots 3D, which then became an instant sensation, hit top charts all around the world, and became the most downloaded game during the COVID-19 lockdown. But we did not want to stop there so we started working on a new game with the same passion for untangling and substantial experience freshly gained from Go Knots 3D, and our successor title was released: Tangle Master 3D.

Solving a knot was already not entirely an original concept in mobile games. But the control mechanics of previous games weren’t easy or enjoyable enough for the general audience. So when we first started brainstorming for a game idea, we had the concept of untangling knots but we didn’t really have the proper mechanics for it. As we were going over the list of mechanics that people seem to enjoy and it suddenly struck us: we had images of knitting needles and loops in our minds. Needles became poles and knitting loops became hoops. A pair of those hoops connected by a string became the main component of our game. Tangling and untangling of the strings were results of moving these hoops. That’s simply how the idea for Go Knots 3D was formed.

To take it to the next level, and focus more on the “feeling” factor, we made improved the rope physics and gave it a more realistic appearance. Also, instead of free-floating ropes on both ends, we changed the scene from a platform to a hanger and ropes with buttons that the player interacts with. This not only improved the overall gameplay and made more room to build challenge levels but also helped us have more customization options.

Tangle Master Gameplay

Designing Different Levels: Finding ways to add more depth into your game

We pay so much attention to how we design the levels. In hypercasual, we talk about progression quite a lot. However, we also wanted to add the concept of a journey to our game. A good movie doesn’t climax to the peak of conflict right away. It slowly builds up and our hero has smaller challenges along the way and by resolving them he/she gets stronger and better equipped for more complex challenges. We had this idea in our minds while designing the levels and putting them in order. The idea of going up and down the hills in a way. We wanted to keep the difficulty building up while keeping things entertaining with different types of ropes and buttons.

The whole world has been going through difficulty these few months. Most of us felt helpless in our homes. The success that Go Knots 3D, followed by Tangle Master 3D, has brought in so many countries around the world perhaps shows that no matter where we are from or who we are, when faced with a knot we all want to untangle it. We always unite in our search for a solution.

Give it a try to see how good it feels: Download Tangle Master 3D.

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