Friendly, Quick, and Simple: What are gamers looking for in shooting games?

Friendly, Quick, and Simple: What are gamers looking for in shooting games?

When we look at hyper-casual games, we not only see unprecedented growth in market share but also a minimalism technique that can be merged with other game mechanics. Whether it's a battle, simulation, racing, or a puzzle game, any title can help you get inspired and find a selling point.

This is a fast world. Consuming is at its best. And even gamers want speedy and simple versions of the hardcore games in their pockets. They are looking for easy mechanics, simple but effective game design, quick but satisfying gaming moments.

Transforming game mechanics to fit every player’s skillset

In our case, the goal was to give the average player the same satisfaction they would get from a third-person shooter game without the complexity: tap and hold to shoot, release to stop and hide. To achieve that in Water Shooty, we automated player navigation and aiming which made it possible for any player to understand the controls and complete a level within a minute.

Each level has a different environment to explore. To make the progression more dynamic and satisfying, you will come across to tower defense and boss stages, both of which are a blast. The trick is keeping continuity between the levels, while changing the surrounding. Make sure, gamers feel they are still in the same game and they notice it is a different environment.

One avatar to rule them all

Have you already noticed something odd about the enemies? If you try playing the game, this might be the last thing to cross your mind or bother you in any way. The enemies in this game are the exact copy of the main character but different colors, items, or sizes. Those small changes are enough for the player to perceive each avatar as a different character. While making a hyper-casual game, you need to ask yourself if the mechanics are giving you the sense you were looking for. If that sense is closer to real life, your players will enjoy it more. The important point here is not to invest in the game design with your time and efforts until you are sure of the game mechanics.

Replace the avatars with squares and imagine the enemies are round shapes. Once you are done with the feeling, you can then change the shapes with real game designs. Which one would work better? Apples, stones or water gun? In the case of Water Shooty, you know the answer.

Those small touches can make a big difference

Another element we incorporated into Water Shooty was the “victory dance” feature which the player sees at the end of each level and can purchase a dance of their choice. Although this does not add value to the gameplay itself, it gives a subtle reference to the mid-core titles. Moreover it lets the player enjoy the moment of victory.

If you want to enjoy a simple war game, here is the link: Click here!

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