The desire to return the cars to original condition: Car Restoration 3D

The desire to return the cars to original condition: Car Restoration 3D

Purchasing an old car, at a reasonable price, removing the rusty and damaged parts and replacing them with shiny new parts or simply scraping off the rust and applying a coat of paint. After you’re done, to sell the car, you either accept the first offer and move onto the next car or take the risk and decline to see if the next one will be any better. In addition to all this, you also have a garage where you purchase cars for your collection and modify them as you like. Who doesn’t want to do so? Even if not in real life, here is a chance for you to try it on Car Restoration 3D.

Hyper-casual-realism would be one way to describe what we aimed for both the visuals and sounds of Car Restoration 3D. You’ll see, a car enthusiast would want to see a realistic-looking vehicle to play with while a casual player is attracted to cartoonish graphics and in this game. What Car Restoration 3D Cars that look “friendly” with an unapologetic resemblance to real-life cars.

Sound Design on Hyper-Casual Games

Sound design was just as important and the goal was to create sounds that resemble the objects and actions while having soft and pleasant tones. This should pretty much always be the aim especially if the sound you’re adding is likely to be played frequently by the player. The trick here was that a repair shop doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Instead, it’s usually noisy and not entertaining to most. This is why the car wash scene in the game sounds like blowing bubbles, and scraping sound is made using foam and sounds like white noise, which is used to put crying babies to sleep.

Let’s try it yourself and see how sound and visual aspects add value to a game: Download Car Restoration 3D!

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