How to Come Up with Game Ideas from Daily Life: Overloaded!

How to Come Up with Game Ideas from Daily Life: Overloaded!

We have discussed the feeling of simulation games before, taking you to the moment of carving wood or smashing a slimy ball with a wheel. But in the case of Overloaded!, you are not the “craftsman” but the “controller” of a massive crowd. As we always advise, deepening your real-life idea is what comes next.

We have executed lots of qualitative tests, meaning we’ve tested the game with people that have different tastes in gaming or no taste at all. This is a method you should try if you are a game developer. In the end, people did not focus on the feeling of filling a crowd into a bus, rather they got stuck on the progression bar, trying to fill people in without any visual entertainment that we hoped they’d have. That’s when we came up with the idea of fluidity. The fluid-like movement of people into a bus just like water flowing through a river worked like magic. Remember, completion should not be the only criteria for your players to enjoy, the game as a whole should.

Get Ready for “Hyper-Updates”

If you are a game studio that produces hyper-casual games, you should know how competitive the industry is. We advise you to never approach so optimistically to the whole process from ideation to scaling. Your perfect update plans and deadlines could be ruined with consecutive sleepless nights. As we have experienced in the case of Overloaded!, you might have to postpone some of your beautifully planned updates because you already have competitors who started developing your game and time is ticking.

In the soft-launch phase, normally you’d wish to optimize your game metrics after the ad integration. Observing user analytics, you have to find the sweet spot, for your audience not to get bored and basically leave your game because of the ad frequency. Unexpected events can occur, and you might have to skip the whole process of soft – launch, squeeze in a couple of mandatory updates and start scaling as we have faced in the case of Overloaded!. So be ready, prepare your alternative plans in case an emergency launch takes place.

Determine the New Trend

What we observe from latest hyper-casual game studios is that they got stuck in the idea of copying a hit game with different content but the same mechanic or merging two different games into one. Merging core mechanics of two different games could be somewhat creative or it could turn out to be a hit game in the end. But if you find yourself checking top movers or top charts each and every day for ideation, you are doing something wrong.

Give yourself a day or two every week to think outside the box. Yes, it is very important to have a proof of concept for your game idea, but it doesn’t have to be another game! Remember, if you come up with an idea that is off the charts, the chances of your game scaling are a lot higher. The reason is that your idea is never saturated and the chances of your targeted audience being attracted is a lot higher.

After we launched Overloaded!, we have heard conversations about new ideas such as: “This is a great game idea, let’s use Overloaded! mechanics for it.” Don’t be misled, mechanics here do not mean tap & hold or swipe, it means the fluid-like fill mechanic that a lot of studios have implemented in their games since then. So, don’t get too caught up in following the trend, define it yourself...

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